At the age of 20th years old, The Bikers Brotherhood Motorcycle Club (BBMC) got spread out the great event at Saparua Sport Complex Bandung – Indonesia, at Saturday (19/07/2008) and Sunday (20/20/2008). In that event I’ve got to see 1 Main stage and 3 other support stages stand up, to entertaint a lot of the art performance.

From the Modern Band with the various artist to Debus, Banjidor, and Pencak silat as the traditional art are showing at the stage performing. Every yearly tradition The Classic motorcycle Contest, Rolling Thunder, Choosing of “Miss Brotherhood Contest” are not to forgot to performe.

All to see at that Sport Complex is Very Great event when the field like to see tight for Perform all of actions go on. BBMC not only invite for motorcycles club fellow but they are invite for pioneering of community also, like Indonesian Veteran Legion, Military, Boy Scouts, Mountaineering, Bureaucrat , Paskibraka, and also the Indonesian environtment means.

The conditions always grows, now BBMC is not simply corps of the old motorcycles. Momentum 100 years national evocation also soul of all network event. BBMC invites all element of public, involves in importance struggle of the former warriors to look after and honour stand of this country. one of its form realization through even is having nuance this is nationality.

This event concept designed specially, unique and differed. do not only limited to gathering of the motorcycles classic devotees,but invites all which presents to join in inflames national evocation hotly brotherhood.

community that is now has 5 chapter that is East Java, Sragen, Bali, Lombok and Bandung as mother chapter and has number of members is not less than 1400 personnels that is of course pertained wooooow!! and ever greater. though, in the early of forming of in the end of 1980 they are only amount to tens of peoples.

Where small cluster of that is ordinary former gathered in platform to park Panti Karya in Merdeka street, tubagus ismail street Bandung, place of one of member of corps, Fine Arts Campus ITB and in Diponegoro street. Then they get the naming of childs of “motor inggris” its mean “England motorcycle owner” or de motors, before in declaration as Bikers Brotherhood.

……….There is the shortly story I know about BBMC and them event…………….

In this Event a lot of Merzymania club come join like MMC Outsider, MCBR (Merzy Club Bandung Raya), BRC (Binter Rider Club), Blue Ranger, merzy club from Lampung, Jogja, etc and also all of different use of motorcycle club coming too. In that area fill with all of bikers atmosphere you know what I mean hehehe…

Oke for this posting I will share photo’s in slide show and then if you are interest to download I will share also maybe can be inspiring to modification your binter merzy but not for today I will share file download for next posting maybe tomorrow ..or maybe the day after tomorrow …and maybe couple a week I will prepare this for next post because you know I have no myself server …..and don’t forget I will share manual book of KZ200 also. I have this ebook from my friend in germany thanks to JURGEN to share this ebook for Indonesian KZ200 owner but this KZ200 manual in Europe edition but I think no problem cause when I see the machine as same as with KZ200 machine in Indonesia also…OK wait and see this blog I will share it……

And the picture I’ve got you can see below or click here