Cleaning your KZ200 Binter Merzy

Preparation for washing

· Before washing, precautions must be taken to keep water off following parts:

Rear opening of the mufflers…..Cover with plastics bags secured with rubber bands.

Clutch and brake lavers, switch housing on the handlebar….Cover with plastics bags.

Ignition switch……….Cover the keyhole with tape.

Air cleaner intake……….Close up the openings with tape, or stuff with rags.

Where to be careful

· Avoid spraying water with any great force near the following places :

Speedometer and tachometer

Disc brake caliper

Under the fuel tank and the seat

If water gets into the ignition coils or into the spark plug cup, the spark will jump through the water and be grounded out. When this happens, the motorcycle will not start and the effect part must be wiped dry.

After washing

· Remove the plastics bags and tape, and clean the air cleaner intake.

· Lubricate the points listed in the Lubrication section.

· Test the brakes before motorcycle operation.

· Start the engine and run it for 5 minutes.


Never wax or lubricate the brake disc. Loss of braking and an accident could result. Clean the disc with an oil-less solvent such as trichloroethylene or acetone. Observe the solvent manufacturer’s warning.