Stopping your KZ200 in an Emergency

Your Binter Merzy Kawasaki KZ200 Motorcycle has been designed and manufactured to provide you optimum safety and convenience. However, in order to fully benefit from Kawasaki’s safety engineering and craftsmanship, it is essential that you, the owner and operator.

Improper maintenance and insufficient riding skills can create a dangerous situation known as throttle failure. Two of the most common causes of throttle failure are :

1. During removal of the air cleaner by the owner, dirt is allowed to enter and jam carburetor.

2. A novice may forget which direction the throttle rotates; then jerk the throttle wide open thinking he has shut is off; panic when machine accelerates suddenly instead of slowing down; and “freeze”, holding the throttle wide open.

Kawasaki has provided an engine stop switch or button on all its motorcycles which may be used to safely stop your motorcycle in an emergency. Alternatively, your motorcycle may be stopped by applying the brakes and disengaging the clutch. If the engine stop switch is used, turn off the ignition switch after stopping the motorcycle